Nicknames For Your Boyfriend Romantic, Funny and Affectionate [2021]

Nicknames for your boyfriend are perfect to have a gesture full of love and affection with him since it is a unique way that will make them relate to each other in a different way. Nicknames for my boyfriend can be short or long, everything will depend on you.

In this article, we will give different nicknames for the couple that can be used to speak fondly to them. You will meet many beautiful nicknames to have a very cute and original detail with that boy that you like so much.

Funny nicknames for my boyfriend

Among the most used funny nicknames are the following:

💠 You are my bunny

They are funny nicknames that will make your boyfriend laugh after hearing it. Besides being a little cute, and where you say it is your bunny. It is something that you can use in your relationship privately or publicly, it is something that both of you must choose so that you can enjoy it as it should.

💠 You are my fat or chubby

They are funny nicknames wherein a funny way a nickname name for your boyfriend is adopted. It is surely a nickname that will get a smile out of your face, but that you will accept because it is full of love.

💠 You are my teddy bear

They are funny nicknames for my boyfriend that can make you laugh out loud. By comparing him to a teddy bear you are affirming that he is a very affectionate and tender boy in the relationship.

💠 You are my lump of sugar

They are funny nicknames that will make you a little funny. If you claim that he is like sugar, it is because you consider him a sweet boy. It is a loving way to show your affection, and at the same time, it is perfect to create good energy in the relationship.

💠 You are my tiger

They are affectionate nicknames that will let him know that you feel a very strong affection for him, and that is why you have the interest to call him in a more affectionate way. When compared to a tiger, which is a very strong animal, it can feel like a manly force.

💠 You are my prince

They are affectionate and funny nicknames where you affirm that he is your prince taken from sleep because in him you get everything you have always wanted. It is an affectionate and very beautiful way to give your boyfriend a nickname. It is one of the most used and published on social networks.

💠 You are my little one

Your boyfriend doesn’t necessarily have to be small to give him these nicknames for my boyfriend. You may only be interested in calling him that way, to have a closer and more loving relationship with him. Surely after listening to it you can have fun for a while, before finally accepting it.

💠 You are my giggle

Before you finish mentioning this boyfriend’s nickname, a big smile will have taken over your face. Although it is a loving way to call your boy, it is also a bit funny.

💠 You are my little sun

In the nicknames for your boyfriend full of grace, you can not miss this one. It is possible that you resemble it to the sun, because after seeing it your daylights up. It has a mix of cheesy and fun, but we have no doubt that you will love it.

💠 You are my candy

They are cute nicknames where it resembles a sweet caramel. Possibly to you, it seems that she has a docile character and that she is really a sweet person with you because she loves you. It’s a nice way to call her and get closer to her.

Affectionate nicknames for women

Among the most used cute nicknames for my girlfriend are the following:

💠 You are my cute little thing

They are nicknames for your girlfriend that manage to move her once they hear it because it will seem very sweet to know that you consider her a cute little thing and you have a lot of love for her. It can be used in anniversary celebrations in verse, or any time you want to have great detail with it.

💠 You are my cuchi cuchi

They are cheesy nicknames where you can notice the sweetness you feel towards the girlfriend. It is an affectionate and beautiful way of having a very close nickname and having an original detail with it. Women will love this type of diminutive.

💠 You are my pretty

Among the best nicknames used for brides, this is one that stands out the most. It is used a lot because it refers to feminine beauty and it is something that women love to be highlighted. Just by listening to it, they can feel a little more in love with their boyfriends, with this detail so genuine and full of love.

💠 You are my lollipop

In the nicknames of love, this is one of those that cannot be missed. Having the ability to say lollipop to your girlfriend is something extremely beautiful. In fact, it is something that you will value greatly and receive with great emotion. In addition to having the great power to bring them a little closer in the relationship.

💠 You are my baby

In nicknames with meaning for brides, this is one of those that you cannot miss. By calling her baby, you will know that it is a very affectionate way of showing affection. There is no doubt that it can be used on any occasion. We know that brides love when their boyfriends call her this way.

💠 You are my skinny

They are original nicknames that women like a lot. Calling her skinny is something she will really love, as you’re referencing her silhouette and girls like the idea of ​​looking good to their partner. For men it is easy to say, and to remember, that is why it is one of the most used.

💠 You are my little eyes

They are affectionate names where reference is made to the beautiful eyes that your girl has. Without a doubt, it will attract her to know that you like that part of her body, and therefore you found it very interesting to nickname it that way.

💠 You are my love

They are cute nicknames for my girlfriend in another language. It is an original and very affectionate way of expressing that she is your love, and obviously you can see the love you feel for her. When men take the trouble to choose a good love nickname for their girl, they can earn extra points in the relationship.

💠 You are my pretty love

They are cool nicknames where you express your love for that girl. It has become a nickname of great use by the boys since the brides are totally arrowed when knowing that they are called thus.

💠 You are my sweetheart

In cute nicknames for my girlfriend, you can’t put this one aside. By saying love, but in the diminutive version, it is really wonderful for women. Without hesitation, it is a very affectionate and loving way of giving her a nickname.

Nicknames For Your Boyfriend

Among the most used nicknames for your  boyfriend are the following:

💠 My lover

They are nicknames for my boyfriend in English who is very affectionate. Although it translates to my lover, it is a nickname for the boyfriends, so there is no need to be alarmed. It is simply a phrase that allows the girls to connect with their boyfriend but in another language.

💠 My teddy

They are nicknames for men in the English language to tell your boy that he is quite a bear. It is a loving way to get closer to him, and express your love in an original way. In fact, it is one of the most used for the bride and groom, and one of the most accepted by all.

💠 My dear

They are cute nicknames for my boyfriend where it means darling. By expressing love in this way, your boy can be totally fond of you, and feel a little more in love.

💠 My sweetheart

They are very affectionate nicknames in English that manage to cheer up that boy that you like so much. Saying heart in another language is something you will like to hear. The pronunciation is very beautiful, and from his girlfriend, it will be well received by him.

💠 My honey

By saying affection with this nickname for my boyfriend, you can remind him how much you love him, and how important he is in your life. They are ways of expressing affection in another language and trying to get a little closer in your relationship. In addition to being widely used and shared on social networks.

💠 My Darling

They are cute nicknames for my boyfriend that he will be able to enchant him when he knows that you are telling him that he is your adored boy. They are different ways of giving it nicknames, but that after knowing the meaning you will love them.

💠 My baby

In the pretty nicknames for my boyfriend in English, this is one of the most used, because of how easy it is to pronounce and the meaning it has. For boys it is really wonderful to be called a baby by their girlfriend.

💠 My beautiful

Calling your boy beautiful are nicknames for lovers with great power to fall in love. After knowing what it means, they will be fond of you.

💠 My hottie

In the ways of calling your boyfriend in English, this is one of those that stands out as one of the most used and favorites by girls to show affection to their boy.

💠 My sugar

In nicknames for your boyfriend, being able to say my sugar in English is a term with a lot of power and a great impact on that boy that you like so much. It is widely used for the beautiful meaning it has. This way they will know that you really love it.

Nicknames for couples

Among the most used nicknames for couples are the following:

💠 My doll or doll

Depending on the gender, they are nicknames for couples where it is assured that they are dolls or dolls of your life. It is an attractive and enjoyable way to show love, where they manage to win back each other day after day.

💠 You are my treasure

They are nicknames of affection used in relationships where it is ensured that that other person is a true treasure in the life of the other. They are very beautiful messages that make couples fall in love again.

💠 You are my braveheart

They are nicknames for your partner where it is revealed that he has a big heart and it is a characteristic that you love. A good way to let them know is with a nickname as affectionate as this.

💠 You are my sweetie

They are nicknames for WhatsApp or original nicknames for my boyfriend that manage to win him over because they have a very nice message for them. Just knowing that it is your sweetie, they will get very excited.

💠 You are my dimples

They are cheesy nicknames for my boyfriend and cute nicknames capable of positively impacting couples. It is a very nice detail that can be had at any point in the relationship.

💠 You are my cuteness

In nicknames for lovers and tender nicknames for men used in relationships, this is one of the most used. They are easily used by women and men, without any problem.

💠 You are my goodness

They are cool nicknames and nicknames for boyfriends perfect to highlight the love you feel for them. It fits both sexes perfectly in a simple way. Besides being something very original to say goodness to your partner.

💠 You are my gummy

In the nicknames of couples and pretty nicknames, the rubber band is one of the most beautiful and affectionate, they are perfect to be used and to renew love.

💠 You are my buttercup

They are good nicknames, and nicknames for Facebook capable of creating a connection with your partner. They can be used at any time.

💠 You are my bubble

They are sweet nicknames for boyfriends and nicknames for couples, being called a bubble is something very attractive for both.

Now that you know a little more about how to tell your boyfriend, nicknames for my boyfriend that are not cheesy and how to tell your boyfriend of love, you just have to choose the one that best suits your tastes and surprise that boy is so important in your lifetime.

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