75 Nicknames For My Boyfriend In English

Nicknames For My Boyfriend In English

Nicknames can be cheesy, funny, original, cute, or pretty, it all depends on the couple that uses them. However, there is something that cannot be denied about nicknames, and that is that they strengthen the bond between two people and show complicity, trust, and affection like few things in a relationship.

If you want to find the perfect nickname for your boyfriend and you want an international name, either because your partner is English or because you want a more original nickname, this oneHOWTO article will enchant you. Discover the best 75 nicknames for my boyfriend in English and their meaning … which one do you prefer?

Affectionate nicknames for my boyfriend in English

“I want nicknames for my boyfriend in English but I don’t want anything that sounds corny” … does that thought sound like something to you? If so, you may need some cute and loving nicknames for your boyfriend that allow you to communicate without being ridiculed. From UNCOMO we propose the following:

  • Baby: baby (the most typical, also translated as “heaven” or “darling”)
  • Honey: honey
  • Love: love
  • Angel Angel
  • Sweetie: honey
  • Baby daddy: baby’s father (perfect if he is the father of your child)
  • Beau: boyfriend, honey,
  • Daddy: daddy
  • Handsome: handsome, attractive
  • Dear: dear
  • Hun: sky (diminutive of ‘honey’)
  • Lover: lover
  • Sugar: honey, honey
  • Daddy daddy
  • One: the right one
  • Muffin: cupcake
  • Beloved: my dear
  • Cutie: that is pretty
  • Hubby: diminutive of ‘husband’, husband
  • My heart: my heart
  • My everything: my everything
  • Treasure: treasure
  • Boo: honey
  • Poppet: little boy or doll


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Nicknames for original boyfriends in English

If you are looking for nicknames for my boyfriend in English but are not convinced by the classics, you need a dose of originality and fun. From unCOMO we propose the following nicknames in English to find the most original and the one that fits you perfectly:

  • Casanova
  • Captain: Captain
  • Sailor: sailor
  • Charmy: diminutive of ‘charm’, which means charm
  • Hottie: hottie
  • Hulk
  • Hero: hero
  • Foxy: affectionate diminutive of ‘fox’, fox
  • Candy: caramel, sweetness
  • Dada: affectionate form of ‘daddy’, daddy
  • Eddy: diminutive of ‘edible’, edible
  • General: general
  • Bear
  • Kiddo: affectionate form of ‘kid’, child
  • Lovey: affectionate form of ‘love’, love
  • Stud: stallion
  • Warrior: warrior
  • Fittie: affectionate form of ‘fit’, someone who fits you
  • Gorgeous: gorgeous
  • G-man: from ‘gorgeous man’, precious man
  • My knight: my knight
  • Doll: dummy or doll

Funny nicknames for my boyfriend in English

If you and your boyfriend share the same sense of humor, nothing better than some funny nicknames in English . These names don’t have to be cheesy or ridiculous, as it all depends on your tastes and your relationship. If any of them fits with an anecdote that you have lived together, for example, that nickname will be ideal! So, here is a list of funny and funny nicknames for my boyfriend in English :

  • Sweetie Pie: cupcake or sweet cupcake
  • Honey buns: translated as ‘sweetness’ or ‘ricura’, literally means ‘honey buns’
  • Superman: perfect if he is your hero
  • Jellybear: gummy bear, ‘little bear’
  • Jock: literally means ‘sportsman’ but in an affectionate way, so it is ideal for guys who love sports and fitness
  • Koala
  • Lovey Dovey: roughly translated as ‘loving’
  • Muffiny: from ‘muffin’, cupcake
  • Lovelyboo: could also be translated as ‘loving’ or ‘sweetie’
  • Cherie: French word that the English also use to refer to their loved one
  • Machoman
  • Munchkins: used to refer to a small person
  • Tiger: tiger
  • Wolverine: Wolverine
  • My sunshine: my ray of sunshine
  • Pumpkin pie: pumpkin cupcake
  • Nutty: from ‘nuts’ used to refer to someone who is crazy.
  • Naughty: naughty
  • Ouji: Japanese term for ‘prince’
  • Papa bear: papa bear, perfect if he is the father of your child
  • Penguin: penguin
  • Romeo
  • Snuggable: huggable, huggable
  • Sweet-thang: sweet-thing
  • Yummy: delicious
  • Bunny: bunny
  • Bae: abbreviation for ‘before anything else’, that is, before anything else
  • Little lamb: little lamb
  • Baby Bear: baby bear

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