135 Nicknames For My Boyfriend and Girlfriend

If you are one of the many people who are reluctant to call your better half by name, because you think it may be distant or cold, you may want to use a nickname to refer to your girlfriend or boyfriend, mainly in privacy or when they are alone. This nickname will help you create a bond of trust and complicity with your partner since you will usually use a tender, fun, and original one. Possibly, you use the most common and popular nicknames among lovers from all over the world such as “love”, “honey” or “heaven”. Although if you want to discover and know new original ways to call your conquest, carefully review the list of affectionate nicknames that will be shown below.

Funny, cute, and original nicknames for him and her

Aliases for both men and women are almost always very difficult to find, as they don’t usually come naturally at times. These nicknames are widely used when you start to meet that special someone, so they are suitable for flirting on dating websites. If you want to register in Want to Play With Me so that you can interact and play with that special person. The ideal name proposals to share with your partner are the following:

Affectionate nicknames for my boyfriend

These are the most mellow and sweet that you can use if the relationship has already been around for a while, where there is already enough trust between the two of you and it doesn’t bother your boy. They are the most suitable if the two of you are very cuddly because these nicknames will like as much as you:

  1. My life.
  2. Heaven.
  3. Cielito.
  4. My life.
  5. My light.
  6. Light from my eyes.
  7. Baby.
  8. Sweetie.
  9. Dad.
  10. My darling
  11. Cari
  12. Heart.
  13. Doll.
  14. Daddy.
  15. My sun.
  16. Solecito mine.
  17. Baby.
  18. My treasure.
  19. My little treasure.
  20. My King.
  21. My prince.
  22. Little bunny.
  23. Teddy.
  24. Little bug.
  25. Chocolate.
  26. Bombonazo.
  27. Sweetness.
  28. My sweet.
  29. Heart of melon.
  30. Cookie.
  31. Cupcake.
  32. My chocolate.

Affectionate nicknames for my girlfriend

The most beautiful and special thing about nicknames is that you can express different feelings without using very complicated love phrases and metaphors. If you want your girlfriend to melt with some of these  affectionate and tender nicknames , do not miss the following proposals:

  1. Sweetness.
  2. My tenderness.
  3. Bear.
  4. Peluchín.
  5. Soft.
  6. My clover.
  7. Angel.
  8. Little eyes
  9. Little bee.
  10. Sparkle
  11. Barbie.
  12. Amour.
  13. My fairy.
  14. Pellet.
  15. Kitten
  16. Penguin.
  17. My sun.
  18. My moon.
  19. Star.
  20. Shawty.
  21. Pearl.
  22. Doll.

Regarding your personality

Among the affectionate nicknames for boys and also for girls you will find some referring to their personality. So pay close attention if he is smiling, very intelligent or witty so that you can call him with a nickname related to his most prominent behavior. You can choose between these:

  1. Giggles.
  2. Peleón / a.
  3. My tiger or my tigress.
  4. Brainiac.
  5. Hefty.
  6. Great body.
  7. Mellow.
  8. Crazy ..
  9. Cuddly.
  10. Little
  11. Chiqui.
  12. Sexy.
  13. Superman
  14. My superhero.
  15. Tarzan.

Related to your physical appearance

It is also common for aliases to arise naturally through the physical appearance of your better half. If you are with your boy it is because you really like him and he seems handsome to you, so you can use his attractiveness to call him in an affectionate way, as it will help you increase his self-esteem and confidence like these:

  1. Cute or cute.
  2. Beautiful or beautiful.
  3. Pretty or pretty.
  4. Beautiful or beautiful.
  5. Handsome or pretty.
  6. Adonis.
  7. Fat or Fat.
  8. Gordi.
  9. Rubión.
  10. Brunette or brunette.
  11. Bold or bold.
  12. Negri.
  13. Little eyes
  14. Rolls.
  15. Precious or Precious.
  16. Little curls.
  17. Skinny or skinny.

Sweet Nicknames

Many people believe that everything in English is heard and read sweeter, as well as elegant, thanks to it being one of the most romantic languages ​​in literature. If you think the same, you can  surprise your partner  with some nicknames in this language, check these options that are given below:

  1. Darling.
  2. My dear.
  3. Sweetie.
  4. Sweetheart.
  5. Pumpkin.
  6. Baby
  7. Honey.
  8. Sugar.
  9. Doll.
  10. Princess.
  11. Angel.
  12. Beautiful.
  13. Boo bear.
  14. Buttercup.
  15. Bunny.
  16. Dove.
  17. Cutie.
  18. Cutie pie.
  19. Hot stuff.
  20. Lover.
  21. Lover boy or lover girl.
  22. Pretty lady.
  23. Hottie.
  24. Star.
  25. Sugar plum.
  26. Wifey.
  27. Twinkles.
  28. Lucky charm.
  29. Cookie.
  30. Pooh.
  31. Sees it.
  32. Peach.
  33. Cherry.
  34. My joy.
  35. Smiley
  36. Teddy bear.
  37. Dimples.
  38. My world.
  39. Daddy.
  40. Prince.
  41. Bubbles.
  42. Kitty.
  43. Mister.
  44. Huggy.
  45. Sunshine.
  46. My knight.
  47. My queen.
  48. My king.
  49. My prices.

Remember that you must choose according to the tastes of your partner. As a recommendation and the best thing is that you call him through an alias that highlights quality, a virtue, or a characteristic with which he is proud. These nicknames should be used in privacy, when the two of you are alone and sure that no one hears them.
Otherwise and that both want to use them in public places. As a curious fact and according to research conducted by the University of Ohio, couples who use nicknames are happier. So enjoy the relationship and go for nicknames.

Shirley Hewitt: Shirley Hewitt is a writer, teacher, technician, and a great language learner. She has taught English in classrooms and online for almost 10 years, has trained teachers in the use of web technology, and has written e-learning material for various websites. She speaks four languages ​​and wants to learn one more. She is entertaining and loveable. She is an American Christian. She has a degree in philosophy, politics, and economics.

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