In this post you will find: When we talk about a best friend, many feelings of admiration and respect come up and it is very common to give him a nickname. Some choose Nicknames For Guy Best Friends that are funny or that emphasize some predominant characteristic of the best friend, others prefer or choose nicknames that will only make sense between them and no one else. We’ve put together an incredible list containing the Nicknames For Guy Best Friends, check it out right now and find the perfect nickname for your best friend!

 Nicknames For Guy Best Friends

Peanut: for your best friend who is short.

Vanilla: for your best friend who is as white as Bauninha.

Bart: your best friend is a troublemaker like Bart from the Simpsons.

Big Boy: for your chubby or tall best friend.

Big Brother; this nickname is very popular among best friends.

Big Mac: Big or Biggie: for your chubby best friend.

Bro or Adopted Bro or Bruh: a very popular slang in the United States for a close friend (brother friend).

Buster: to your troubled best friend.

Scar: if your friend has a scar that catches the eye this nickname will be perfect.

Cyclops: for your best friend who wears glasses.

Jackal: this nickname is a true classic among best friends.

Chocolate or Choco, for your Afro-descendant friend.

Chuck: for your crazy friend.

Coal: for your best friend who loves a barbecue?

Horse: for your friend who is big.

Cave: for your best friend who looks like a caveman.

Cobra: this nickname is great for your best friend, it has several meanings.

Coca or Coca Cola: for your best friend who loves to rock or liven up the environment!

Crybaby or Chorao: excellent nicknames for your best friend who complains about everything.

Everest: this is a classic for tall best friend.

Squirrel: your friend who loves hair care.

Fun Size: for your big and fun friend.

Ghost or Phantom: your friend is always giving ‘a lost’.

Gasoline: this nickname for your friend is also very nice.

Claws: for your long-nails friend.

Guy: it’s the same as ‘guy’ in English.

Homer: is your best friend a Simpsons fanatic or funny like Homer?

Hulk: for your best friend who is as strong as Hul or so feels.

Iron Man:

Mufasa: from the movie Lion King.

Minion: for your friend who is with you for any situation.

Ozzy: for his best friend who, despite being weird, is a great friend.

Playboy: for your friend who lives in the good life.

Pizza: can be used for a great friend who is chubby or who has many pimples on his face.

Rastafari: for your reggae fan friend.

Romeo: for your flirtatious friend.

Savage (English) or Savage: for your great friend who is a savage.

Blood: for your best friend, perfect!

Smile, for your smiling friend!

Tarantino: this is for your best friend who enjoys good movies!

Turtle (English): Tortoise, or Tarta, perfect for your friend who is slow to get things done or is very quiet.

Tiger: can be used for your friend who catches the girls’ attention.

Troll: funny, and cool nickname for your best friend.

Vegas: for your best friend who is always up to it, after all that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Vulcano or Vulcano: another perfect nickname for your best friend.

Avengers fan Wolverine?

Adviser Nicknames For Guy Best Friends

Do you know that friend you adore, trust, and can have high conversations with? So, nothing better than a cool nickname for him, right? See the best nicknames for advising friends!

Ace: is your friend ‘Ace’ from the deck to you?

Captain: perfect for an adviser friend who knows how to manage any problem.

Champion: for your trusted friend!

Brain: this goes to your adviser friend who always finds a way out of your problems.

Einstein: friend adviser and intelligent like Einstein?

Falcao: to your adviser friend who sees everything from above and knows how to help you.

Philosopher: more sensational nickname for adviser friend.

Genius: no comments needed!

Google: for your friend who has an answer for everything you need.

Judge or Judge (English): your adviser friend has to be fair in his advice, right?

Master: to your adviser friend who is a true master!

Thinker: your friend is a great thinker and always gives you incredible advice!

Proton: this nickname is amazing!

Sherlock Holmes: for your best friend who is very smart and smart.

Dreamer: is your adviser friend a dreamer too?


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