This is the list of 100+ nicknames for friends with meaning. Friends are the closest beings in our life after family. And for most people, friends are like their family.

Friends are the closest to our heart and we love messing with them and irritating them. one way of annoying our friends more is choosing a good nickname for them. Nickname is an easier and shorter way to call your friends.

It is not necessary that nicknames should always be funny. Many people choose nicknames based on the good qualities of their friends. So it’s completely up to you that which type of nicknames are you going to select from the list of nicknames for friends with meaning.


Funny nicknames for friends with meaning

  1. The helicopter:  Where it arrives raises dust.
  2. The sandwich: They eat it on all walks.
  3. The olive: Black, small but still eat it.
  4. The chainsaw: It does not leave stick stopped.
  5. The flu: Everyone has had it.
  6. The ozone layer: Every day has the biggest hole.
  7. The table of one:  For the easy.
  8. The three musketeers: All for one & one for all.
  9. The hourglass: They turn it around every half hour.
  10. The traffic light: After 12 no one respects her.
  11. Sunlight: Delivered to everyone equally.
  12. Instant photo: Delivered in five minutes.
  13. The turtle: Sleep with your head inside.
  14. The disco: Spend open all night.
  15. The US flag: They have nailed it even on the moon.
  16. Coca-Cola: Everyone has taken it.

Funny nicknames for male friends with meaning

  1. The Four Eyes or Gafufo: who wears glasses.
  2. Albondiga: by chubby.
  3. ‘Toad’ or ‘Booties’: the one who accuses everyone.
  4. ‘Chupamedias’, ‘Lambón’ or ‘Lamebotas’: the one who says everything to the teacher.
  5. The Cat’: commonly the one with clear eyes.
  6. The Flea’: the smallest in the class.
  7. ‘El Pavo’, ‘El Ganso’, ‘Tortuga’: the one who is very slow.
  8. The Dog’: the one who wants with all the girls.
  9. ‘The Giraffe’: the tallest.
  10. The Chucky’: normally the laziest or colored-eyed boy was put on.
  11. ‘Miss Piggy:‘ with a special dedication to the director (it was almost always like this)
  12. ‘The giraffe teacher’: the teacher of mathematics or physics.
  13. ‘Quico’: typical to the one who had the crooked feet or was very cheeky.
  14. ‘Drizzle’: everyone falls.
  15. ‘ Phosphorite’: The one who claimed everything.
  16. “Ñoño ‘: The nerdy boy.

Nicknames for female friends with meaning

these are some good nicknames for female friends, you can also check funny nicknames for girl best friends if you are looking for a nickname for female bestie.

  1. Babe/baby:  baby.
  2. Darling:  dear.
  3. Honey:  honey. “Honey, do you mind if I borrow your credit-card?”
  4. Hon  (short for ‘honey’): cari.
  5. Hubby: It ‘s a kind way to call your husband, it’s something like hubby. “My hubby is going to pick me up.”
  6. Sweetheart:  love, honey.
  7. Sweetie:  honey, treasure.
  8. Sweetie pie:  sweetie, baby.
  9. Wifey: an affectionate way of calling your wife, something like a little woman. “I’m going to the cinema with my wifey.”

Nicknames for crazy friends with meaning

  1. The number one: The “number one”. Nickname for a friend who ranks first.
  2.  The crazy, crazy, crazy: A special friend, great, friendly, a friend who has a great time.
  3.  Mangito: Nickname for a friend who is like fruit, sweet. It is also used to name a very beautiful woman.
  4. Laughter:  Nickname used for a friend who laughs a lot, very candid
  5.  Reinita: Affectionate nickname that seeks to exalt a friend by comparing her to a queen.
  6.  Little Princess: Affectionate nickname that matches a friend with a Princess because of her personality or beauty.
  7. Tasty: Friendly and affectionate way of referring to a friend who is cute, beautiful and who is pleasant, appetizing, “tasty.”
  8.  The diva: nickname for a friend who is a little presumed but also stands out for having an exceptional personality.

Nicknames for special friends with meaning

  1.  Eyes: This nickname can be used for a friend who is distinguished by having large, beautiful,
  2. distinctive eyes.
  3.  Baby: Affectionate nickname that is used for someone sweet, cute inside and out.
  4.  Sister, sister or sister: Mote for a friend who is like a sister, friend.
  5. My beast: Nickname for a best friend. Derived from “best” in English that means “better.”
  6.  Puppy: It is also a nickname for a sweet friend, cute as a puppy.
  7.  Goldilocks: Mote for a friend with blond and curly hair.
  8. My cupcake: Nickname for a sweet, tasty, nice friend like a cupcake.
  9.  My diamond in the rough: Mote for a friend who is unique.
  10. Cake: Affectionate nickname for a sweet friend.
  11. Peluchita: Nickname to call a tender friend.
  12. Treasure: Nickname for a friend who is special and has great value.
  13. Bunny: Nickname for a friend who is cute, cute, emanating the softness of a bunny.
  14. Bomboncito: Affectionate nickname that seeks to compare the friend with a chocolate candy, also used for a woman who is very beautiful.
  15.  Angelita: Nickname to call a friend who behaves well, who is good, pious, pure.

Cute nicknames for friends

  1. Amiguis
  2. Caruly (For which her name is Carol)
  3. Drink
  4. Churri
  5. Small
  6. Heart of melon
  7. Benja
  8. Bug
  9. Candy
  10. Preserve
  11. Chiki
  12. BEFFI
  13. Clau
  14. Cuca
  15. Didi
  16. Loki
  17. My panda
  18. Molona
  19. Nana
  20. OSITA
  21. Sister
  22. Tatty
  23. Xurpita
  24. Bigmac
  25. Skinny
  26. Gordi
  27. Pretty
  28. Tonti
  29. Chaparrita
  30. Bug
  31. Pearlite
  33. Peke
  34. Soffy
  35. Cosi
  36. Baby

Affectionate nicknames for friends

  1.  Sky
  2. Heart
  3. Little bunny
  4. Baby
  5. My life
  6. Sweetie
  7. Candy
  8. My King
  9. My prince
  10. Teddy
  11. Bug
  12. Gordi
  13. Doll
  14. Fat
  15. Kid
  16. Chiqui


These were all the nicknames for friends with meaning, now you have to decide which type of nickname you want to choose for your friend. If you have to choose it as a compliment you can choose nickname from the list of nicknames for special friend. or if you have a female friend you can choose from the list of nicknames for female friend.

You can also choose funny nicknames but make sure your friend will not mind if you call him/her with funny names. That’s all for this one. thanks for reading.

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