If you are looking to renew yourself with a new Gamertag, look no further. We gave ourselves the task of organizing a list, or rather, several lists with more than a hundred options for you to choose the one you like the most.

Game names must be unique, as these represent the first – or last – impression you make in an online game. But, as the universe of gamers grows, it is increasingly difficult to come up with names for video games that really stand out.

Because of this, we took the task of gathering a hundred names for the coolest games and organizing them in several lists according to the profile you are looking for.

Likewise, we invite you to see our recommendations to create an original name for games from scratch.

Names for games, much more than a name

Long ago we stopped being just Player 1. Whether you know it as gamer names, usernames, video game names, game nicknames, etc. the most popular term for them is Gamertags.

The truth is that Gamertag names are much more than a nickname for games. It is what defines your personality to other gamers. Well-chosen video game names can be the difference between earning you respect or being the mockery of the game.

But enough of introduction and we go with the lists:

Names For War Games

  1. EatBullets – This player is about to rid everyone of the world with bullet holes.
  2. PR0_GGRAM3D – A great Gamertag for an aspiring hacker.
  3. Collateral Damage – Don’t get in the way of this player, you won’t last long.
  4. ElEnfermo – They will infect you!
  5. Shoot2Kill – This player does not raise his weapon unless he plans to kill someone.
  6. Imminent Death – When this player starts there is no one to stop him.
  7. Killspree – They are never happy with just one or two kills, they have to kill everyone!
  8. Irrational Killing – Killing is completely natural for this player.
  9. BornToKill – It’s what this player does best.
  10. ElZurdo – Like the famous left hand.
  11. ZodiacKiller – Same as above.
  12. OsamaReturn – Has he ever left?
  13. ElFantasmedeOsama – He left but was not forgotten.
  14. T3rr0r1st4 – This player is about to terrorize this game.
  15. ToySoldier – This gamer loves military games.
  16. MilitaryMan – Similar to the previous one.
  17. Rifleman  – This deadly player can kill an entire team by himself.
  18. VeteranOfDeath – This player has seen more deaths than most players.
  19. AngelDeLaMuerte – You know that when you see this player in the game they will kill you.
  20. Ebola – Like the deadly viral disease.
  21. GasMostaza – Like the deadly gas used in WWI.
  22. Knuckles – For a gamer who loves fighting games.
  23. Knuckle Breaker – For a gamer who loves fighting games a little too much.
  24. Knuckle Holder – Similar to the above.
  25. Bloody Knuckles: Similar to above.
  26. Jack The Ripper: He never gets old.
  27. TedBundyElGuapo – As the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy.
  28. Necromancer – A great Gamertag if you want to scare people.

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