Italian Boy Names – Choose From 100 Italian Boy Names!

Italian Boy Names - Choose From 100 Italian Boy Names!

It is not easy at all to agree with the couple when choosing the name of the baby . Very often it happens that the names that dad likes are not to your liking and vice versa. Despite this, there are normally some names that both members of the couple like and around which the baby’s name ends up being decided. If you are in the phase of looking for proposals to name your child, keep in mind that you do not need to limit yourself only to names in Spanish. Today, there are so many names to choose from : from children ‘s names and rare and original girls or foreign languages such as  names  English ,  Greek s ,  Japanese,  Basques  or  Arabs . With your partner, have you thought about the possibility of choosing an Italian name for the baby ? Many Italian boy names are poetic and have beautiful pronunciation. If you are curious to know what Italian boy names exist, we offer you a list of the 100 most popular boy names in Italian with their meaning .

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Adolfo: Name related to nature that means “noble wolf”. 

Adriano: Man with courage, brave and with a big heart. 

Alessandro: It means “defender of humanity”. 

Alessio: Name with the same meaning as Alessandro, since it is its abbreviated form. 

Alonzo: Noble man, clever and courageous. 

Amadeo: Literally, it means “to love God.” 

Loving: A kind man, willing to help and very sociable. 

Andrea: Name that means “virile warrior”. 

Angelo: Regarding a messenger angel. 

Antonello: It means “praiseworthy”. 

Arnaldo: It translates to “the power of the eagle.” 

Aurelio: Man with his own light, capable of guiding and a very good leader. 


Baldassare: It means “the one who protects the king” and describes a man of honor.

Bartolomeo: Man with a kind heart, thoughtful and peaceful. 

Basilio: Literally, it means “king”. 

Battista: It translates as “Baptist”, belonging to or relating to baptism. 

Benedetto: It means “blessed”. 

Bernardino: Name of peculiar translation; “confident as a bear”. 


Calvin: Name of somewhat peculiar meaning; “little bald head”. 

Camillo: Calm, calm and wise man. 

Carlo: Literally, it means “farmer”.

Celestino: As its name suggests, it means “heavenly”. 

Celio: It refers to the sky.

Costantino: Man of firm ideas, a bit stubborn. 

Christian: It means “follower of Christ”. 


Dante: Means “firm” and is a name that is related to the famous Italian poet Dante Alighieri.

Domenico: Literally, it means “that belongs to the Lord.”

Donato: It translates to “given by God.”


Elmo: Name that refers to a type of helmet that was formerly used as protection in battles.

Emanuele: It means “the Lord is among us.”

Emilio: Literally, it means “rival”.

Enrico: Name with double meaning. On the one hand, “home”, and on the other, “rule”.

Ernesto: Epic name that means “battle to the death”.

Eusebio: A pious man with a good heart.


Fabio: It means “farmer who grows beans”.

Fabrizio: Literally, it means “craftsman”. 

Fazio: It means “good worker”. 

Federico: A peaceful, calm, organized and orderly man. 

Felippo: It translates to “he who loves horses”. 

Filipo: It derives from Felippo and has the same meaning. 

Fiorenzo: It literally means “flowering” and describes a dynamic and energetic man. 

Flavio: It means “blond”, “with golden hair”.

Florentino: Name very similar to Fiorenzo, with the same meaning.

Francesco: It means “free”.


Gennaro: It refers to a boy who was born in January.

Geovani: Literally, it means “God is merciful.”

Gerardo: A warlike name that means “brave spear”.

Giacomo: It translates to “supplanter.”

Gian: Related to Geovani, it also means “God is merciful”.

Gianni: It means the same as Geovani and Gian.

Giorgio: Name related to agriculture, which means “worker of the land”.

Giotto: A peaceful man with the ability to lead a group.

Giovanni: It means the same as Geovani, Gian and Gianni.

Giulio: Name with double meaning. On the one hand, “young”, and on the other, “soft beard”.

Guido: Literally, it means “wooded valley”.


Leandro: It is literally translated as “lion-man”. 

Leonardo: Regarding a boy as strong as a lion. 

Leonzio: Strong man, brave, fighter and with a lot of courage. 

Liugi: Relating to a famous warrior of ancient times.

Lorenzo: It means “crowned with laurels.”

Luciano: Literally, it means “bearer of light”. 

Luka: A man capable of overshadowing others, with a lot of his own light.


Marcello: It refers to the warlike arts of the ancient Roman Empire. 

Marco: Name with a meaning similar to Marcello, related to war and fighting.

Matteo: It means “gift of God”.

Maurizio: Name with double meaning. On the one hand, “dark skin”, and on the other, “moor”, a cold and abandoned place.

Michaelangelo: Name that is formed by joining Michael and Angelo, very popular for being the name of one of the great artists in the history of Italian and world art.

Michele: Peculiar translation name; “Who is like God?”


Nestore: It literally translates to “homecoming.” 

Niccolo: It means “victory of the people”.

Nicolas: It has the same meaning as Niccolo. 


Orpheus: Name that means “darkness of the night”, and which is very popular for being one of the protagonists of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice , from Greek mythology.

Orsino: It comes from the word “orso”, which means “bear”. The literal translation is “like a bear”.

Osvaldo: It refers to the power of God.

Ovid: Name that evokes ancient times for being that of one of the most famous Roman poets. It means “shepherd of sheep”.


Palmiro: Literally, it means “pilgrim”.

Paolino: It means “little” and describes a clever and clever man. 

Piero: It translates to “little rock” and refers to a strong, brave and tenacious man.


Raffaello: It means “the one that God has healed”. 

Renardo: A bold, brave and somewhat cautious man.

Renzo: Honorable, thoughtful and meticulous man.

Riccardo: Mighty and brave boy.

Rinaldo: Literally, it means “the king’s advisor.”

Rodolfo: It refers to a mythical and famous wolf.

Romeo: It means “the one who makes a pilgrimage to Rome” and is a very popular name thanks to the romantic hero of the famous work of William Shakespeare,  Romeo and Juliet.

Ruggiero: It translates to “famous spear” and is related to the world of war and battle.


Sabino: Name that refers to the ancient tribe of the Sabines.

Samuele: It means “God has heard”. 

Silvano: Literally, it means “forest dweller.” 

Simone: Obedient, kind-hearted and responsible man. 

Stefano: It translates to “the one who has been crowned with laurels.” 


Taddeo: Man of courage who is appreciated for his bravery.

Theodosius: It means “the one who has given God”.

Terenzio: Man of changing ideas, creative and with artist’s wood.

Titian: It refers to a man belonging to the Titans, a legendary race of gods who ruled during the golden age, according to Greek mythology.

Tommaso: It means “double”, “twins”.


Valentino: Strong, brave and very courageous man.

Vicenzo: It translates literally as “the conqueror.”

Virgilio: Name that honors the famous Roman poet author of The Aeneid.



What do you think of girl names in Italian? Have you found one that you particularly like? With your partner, can’t you agree on what name to choose for the baby? Please, leave your comment at the end of this article and share your opinion

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