How To Choose My Baby’s Name

When it comes to naming your baby, if you don’t have to follow family traditions, it can be difficult and a struggle for you and your spouse. This may be the easiest thing you’ve done in nine months or the hardest. How do you make one of the most important decisions in the life of this little one? In some cases, it can be an overwhelming time for parents, but with a little help and a little patience, it can become a truly rewarding experience. And that is why in this OneHowTo article we want to offer you some tips on how to choose my baby’s name.

Steps to follow:


The decision to choose the baby’s name will usually be a shared task with the other member of the couple. So, you should talk with him or her to determine if you choose a family name – in case there is a tradition for either party – or if you prefer a new name in the family. It is a very personal choice, but it will not be appropriate for you to be influenced too much by what the rest of the family members say, after all, you should think for your future child.

It is important to bear in mind that the name for our son or daughter will accompany him throughout his life, that is, it will not be advisable to choose names that are currently in fashion – because fashions are fleeting – or, on the contrary, names that seem taken from a novel of the last century. One way of knowing which are the most current names of the moment will be to consult the database of the National Institute of Statistics, in the case, which will be based on the census to determine these metrics.


Take into account what will be the surnames that your baby will carry, to try to make sure that they match the name and do not sound strange; similarly, if the surnames are long, it may be appropriate to opt for a short name or vice versa. For this, it will be appropriate to write it down on paper and read it aloud several times to make sure it sounds correct. Also make sure that the combination of the full name does not lead to jokes, nicknames, rhymes, etc. that in the future may be annoying and even insulting to the child.


In case you don’t have a preference for specific names, you can always turn to baby name books for inspiration and find some that you like. Therefore, it will be a good technique to create a list where you can write the ideas that arise as possible names for the boy or girl. You should go checking the points that we have indicated in the previous sections and discarding those that are not appropriate.


If you have older children, you can also ask their opinion about the name of their future baby brother/sister. Make it clear to them beforehand that you are asking for their help to prevent them from getting angry for not choosing the name they suggest – especially if they are still young – as they will probably makeup names or even be sure that their new brother will have to bear the name of superhero or cartoon.


Although other relatives and friends may also make their suggestions, it should be the parents who make the final decision about the name of the baby that is on the way. So, do not let family and social pressures choose for you and it is not advisable to announce it well in advance since there is always the possibility of last-minute changes.


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