251 Affectionate Nickname Ideas For Your Boyfriend (The Cutest!)

When we are in a relationship we love to use romantic nicknames. But when you’ve been in a few relationships, it’s hard to find new words for your partner that don’t remind you of your exes. If you have asked yourself “are there better nicknames for my boyfriend?”, Then the answer is: yes!

In fact, there are many more than you might imagine. From the traditional “prince” and “darling” to creative and different names. Here we leave you 251 nickname ideas for boyfriends so you can choose your favorite.

Nicknames for my boyfriend

In every relationship, there comes a time when calling your boyfriend by his name starts to sound unkind. At this point, using cute or funny adjectives sounds more natural than just calling him Pedro or Juan. 

Also, you will need something more appropriate than his last name to distinguish him from the rest of your contacts, because he is special. This list of more than 250 nickname ideas for your boyfriend is organized by categories, so that you can more easily choose the ones that suit your partner.

Uncommon nicknames for my boyfriend

Do you want to show your affection by using a genuine nickname as your relationship? These examples are some familiar but rare nicknames among couples. Do you know what is curious? Some of these nicknames have been used by famous couples and royalty.)

1. Handsome.
2. Sun.
3. Knight. 
4. My soul. 
5. Desired. 
6. My Crazy.
7. Incredible.
8. Sweet voice.
9. Romeo.
10. My gentleman.
11. Treasure.

Nicknames for my boyfriend: Tumblr

We all like to dedicate cute nicknames to our partner. At times we look for that perfect nickname so much we ended up using nicknames exaggerated or have no real connection with our partner. 

The reality is that the best nicknames are the simplest and that they are related in some way to your boy. If they are starting to go out, check their Tumblr account to learn a little more about their interests and search that social network for options from other users.

12. Adam (as the first man).
13. Grumpy.
14. Gummy bear.
15. Bam Bam.
16. Baby bear.
17. Beautiful.

Funny nicknames for my boyfriend

Being able to laugh together is one of the keys to a healthy relationship, so funny nicknames are always a good option for the couple.

18. Churri.
19. Coquito.
20. Pitu.
21. Cuchi cuchi.
22. Drink.
23. Seahorse.
24. Rulitos.
25. Playboy. 

Nicknames for my cute boyfriend

If your boyfriend is sweet and delicate with you, here are some examples of nicknames for him:

26. My puppy.
27. My spoiled.
28. Little.
29. Adorable Lord.
30. Munchkins.
31. Candy lips.
32. Choco prince.

Original nicknames for my boyfriend

For those of you who like to get a little out of the ordinary, here are some examples of original nicknames: 

33. Goodness.
34. Sorcerer.
35. Cuteness.
36. Dimples 
37. Delicious .
38. Consented.
39. Rabbit.
40. Bad boy.

Cute nicknames for my boyfriend

The beginning of a relationship is always the most beautiful and romantic part. Try this list of cute nicknames

41. Prince.
42. Nené.
43. Candy. 
44. Big guy (appropriate for a big and cute boy).
45. Cupcake.
46. Sweet daddy.
47. Bear.

Nicknames for my boyfriend that aren’t cheesy

Although there are many men who do not like to write poems, dedicate songs or dress the same as their partner, few like a corny and cloying nickname, so we go with these nicknames “not so corny”: 

48. Booboo.
49. Honey.
50. Candy.
51. Chocolate.
52. Colossus (ideal for a strong man).
53. My favorite.
54. Model.

Sweet nicknames for my boyfriend

Have you ever wondered “what are the best nicknames for my sweet boyfriend?” Here we bring you some examples for what you are looking for:

55. Sweet daddy.
56. Cuteness. 
57. Little prince.
58. Honey bear (ideal for big and reckless men, but cute and cuddly).
59. Tiger.
60. Cute boy.
61. Cute.

Nicknames for my boyfriend in English and their meaning

Sometimes we can’t find the right words to describe our partner, but other languages ​​have great expressions. They’re stylish, they sound good, and they’re less cheesy than traditional love nicknames. What about these?

62. Hot stuff: passionate, hot, sensual boy … who likes to “play” in privacy.
63. Baby boy: means male baby, but as a nickname implies “baby.”
64. Baby cakes : (a cute nickname for all cake lovers
65. Bookworm : bookworm, an interesting man, documented, who likes to read.
66. Baby: means Baby. Someone tender, without bad intentions.
67 . my darling: . my dear, honey is sweet, attentive, are pampered and spoiled.

Nicknames for my boyfriend in other languages

Meet some of the most popular in Italian, Swedish, French, English and Portuguese.

68. My manchi (Italian): is an expression that means “I miss you.” The correct pronunciation sounds like “my manki.”
69. Pus (Swedish): means kitten and is pronounced “pos”.
70. Mon petit chou (French): my little cabbage, my cabbage. As an alternative, ChouChou is also used .
71. Bugbug (English): the cutest boy, that person who always impresses you.
72 . Chuchuzinho (Portuguese): peach.
73.  (Portuguese): it sounds like “mo” and it means sweetheart.
74. Cuppycakers (English): boy who loves cupcakes.

Nicknames for my boyfriend in Japanese

Japanese is a very exotic and interesting language. Although it is difficult to learn, you can know the basics about their nicknames. To put them together, you just need to add to your name the suffixes that express appreciation: San, which is a formal greeting; or  Chan , who is more loving. Some examples:

75. Dannasan: is the union of the word danna , which means “husband”, and the suffix  san,  which expresses affection as a formal expression.
76. Hanii: honey.
77. Darin: sweetheart.
78. Kawaii totem: very cute.
79. Kun or Chan: at the end of his first name he gives a loving addition.

Nicknames for my boyfriend in French

French is the language of love, so it is not surprising that the most beautiful sounding nicknames are those of this language. An example of the cutest nicknames in French: 

80. Ma belle: my beauty.
81. Ma petite: my little one.
82. Ma petite mademoiselle: my little lady.
83. Mon amour: my love.
84. Ma chérie or Ma chére: dear.
85. Mon coeur: my heart. 

Nicknames for my boyfriend in Italian

These are some of the most popular cute Italian nicknames.

86. Amore mio: My love.
87. Angioletto: Little Angel.
88. Cucciolo / cucciolotto: puppy.
89. Dolcezza: sweetness.
90. Passerotto: little bird.
91. Piccolino: small.

Nicknames for my boyfriend in Portuguese

We show you some nicknames of love that you can take from the Portuguese language.

92. Love : love.
93. Coração: heart.
94. Baby:  baby.
95. Docinho: caramelito. It’s pronounced “dociño.”
96. Cat: handsome.
97. Anjo : angel. It is pronounced “year.”

German nicknames for my boyfriend

You’re in love? With these German love nicknames you could win heaven. 

98. Hase: bunny.
99. Bärchen: bear.
100. Perle: pearl.
101. Liebling: honey.
102. Süsse or üsser: sweet.
103. Schatz: treasure.

Nicknames for my Colombian boyfriend

This is a compilation of the most popular Colombian nicknames:

104. My candy.
105. Cupcake.
106. Cute little thing. 
107. My precious thing.
108. Shawty.
109. Daddy.

Nicknames for my boyfriend with braces

Wearing braces often creates insecurities in people. One of the best ways to improve your boyfriend’s self-esteem is with funny nicknames to make him feel more beautiful.

110. Nice teeth.
111. Alambrito.
112. Talk.
113. My brackis.
114. Canned teeth.
115. Nerdy: is calling someone a nerd in a loving and funny way.

Sweet nicknames for my boyfriend in Korean

Some examples of terms of endearment in the Korean language in general: 

116. Nae salang: my love.
117. Jag-eun gongju: little princess.
118. Gwiyeoun agi: cute baby.
129. Nae nampyeon: my little husband .
120. Nae agi: my baby.
121. Beoleus-eobsneun: my spoiled.

Cute nicknames for my boyfriend

Here is a list of uncommon cute and funny nicknames for my boyfriend 

122. My cupcake.
123. Little piece of heart.
124. Beautiful prince.
125. Chocolatico.
126. Consent.
127. Melon heart.
128. Sweet.
129. Syrup.

Nicknames for my tall boyfriend

Tall guys are often protective of their partners, so you can try one of these cute nicknames for tall guys: 

130. My sun.
131. Guardian angel.
132. Colossus.
133. My little giant.
134. Top.
135. My heaven.
136. Glass package.

Nicknames for my boyfriend on Whatsapp

WhatsApp is one of the most used social networks to communicate with each other, so you can not miss nicknames to tell them in this way. Here are some examples of cute nicknames: 

137. My king.
138. My lokito.
139. My life.
140. Little grasshopper.
141. Husband: husband in English.
142. My beautiful boyfriend.
143. Little thing.
144. Little one.

Nicknames for my brown boyfriend

Don’t keep asking yourself “what love nicknames for my brown boyfriend can work?”, In this list we leave some good examples:

145. Cute little boy.
146. Brunette.
147. Brunette. 
148. My latin baby.
149. My color.
150. Beach.
151. My coffee.

Funny nicknames for my boyfriend

More fun nicknames to put the kitsch aside:

152. My churri.
153. Belly.
154. Cuchi.
155. Whiskers.
156. Tutito.
157. Belly.

Nicknames for my chubby boyfriend

It is inevitable to stop giving your handsome belly a cute nickname, here are some suggestions to dedicate: 

158. Fatty.
159. Little bear.
160. Chulito. 
161. Bomboncito.
162. Cachetoncito. 
163. Teddy.

Nicknames for my tall and skinny boyfriend

Some ideas to nickname your boyfriend with those two qualities:

164. Skinny.
165. Skinny rich.
166. Lollipop.
167. My tree. 
168. My colossus.
169. My mantis.

Funny nicknames for my tall boyfriend

Some nicknames to dedicate to your tall boyfriend: 

170. Stick.
171. Glass package.
172. Skyscrapers.
173. Palm tree.
174. Lizard.
175. Subway stopped.

Animal nicknames for my boyfriend

These types of nicknames are usually quite common and creative. Some examples:

176. Kitten.
177. Puppy.
178. My colt.
179. Little lizard. 
180. Cat.
181. Little bird. 
182. Little Raccoon. 
183. Hawk.
184. Dormouse.

Nicknames for my jealous boyfriend

If your guy is jealous of you, here are some ideas to give him nicknames:

185. Cellopatite.
186. Hulk.
187. Bravado. 
188. Phosphor.
189. Celadito.
190. Curiosito. 
191. Emperor.

Nicknames for my skinny boyfriend

We leave you some examples for thin men:

192. Longaniza.
193. Pine.
194. Largus. 
195. Plank.
196. Titan.
197. Giant.

Nicknames for my future boyfriend

Are you single now, but are you already dating a guy who will become your boyfriend? Then take note. On a sheet of paper, write with your pencil the title of the next entries: «List of nicknames for my boyfriend».

198. Hope.
199. My light.
200. My angel. 
201. My hero. 
202. Little Star.
203. Daddy.
204. Baby.
205. Beautiful.

Cute nicknames for my boyfriend in English

Have you googled “cute nicknames for my boyfriend” but can’t find any that convince you? Maybe you are looking in the wrong language. Here are some ideas in English:

206. Babe: baby.
207. Bunny: bunny.
208. Honey: honey / honey.
209. Sweetheart: honey.
210. Sugar: sugar / dear.

Disney nicknames for my boyfriend

For those fans of the fantastic world of Disney who have searched many times for “nicknames for my boyfriend with meaning”, here are some ideas:

211. Balu.
212. Little mouse.
213. Mickey.
214. Prince Charming.
215. My Shrek.
216. Merlin.
217. Peter Pan.
218. Tamborcito.

Nicknames for my cute ex boyfriend

Maybe your relationship is over, but it does not mean that you have problems with your ex boyfriend. If you are still friends, why not keep cute nicknames when you talk? Here are some ideas:

219. My heart of another.
220. The unconditional.
221. My old bear.
222. Triple ex.
223. The legend.
224. Cute friend. 
225. My dream.

What nickname to give your boyfriend?

Using nicknames is not just about Googling “love nicknames for my boyfriend” and dedicating the first one that appears to him. Nicknames are born from the relationship they have, their trust and complicity.

Ideally, they have to do with him: with his character or with some physical characteristic that distinguishes him. However, you should always keep in mind that the most important thing is that both of you are happy with the nickname. You should not disrespect or make fun of him. Other examples:

226. Chubby.
227. Sweetie. 
228. Beautiful child. 
229. My baby. 
230. Tenderness.
231. Cuchi.

How to put your boyfriend on WhatsApp in English?

If you got tired of looking for “nicknames for my boyfriend in Spanish”, then this short list and ideas in English is ideal for you to choose the best nickname to say to him when talking on WhatsApp:

232. Cuddle bunch: if your boyfriend is cute and cuddly.
233. Cookie : for a sweet boy who likes to eat candy.
234. Prince : prince.
235. Love: love.
236. Lover boy: lover.
237. Dear: honey.
238. Darling: honey.
239.  Kiddo:  child.

How can you tell your boyfriend?

If you have a lot of confidence with your partner, you can opt for a cute and funny nickname at the same time: 

240. My protector.
241. Cute doll.  
242. My skinny male. 
243. Cute fat boy.
244. Beautiful black boy.
245. Nerdy.
246. Playful.

Nicknames for my boyfriend in Spanish

These are some of the most common nicknames in Spanish:

247. My heaven.
248. Dear. 
249. Beautiful child. 
250. Bomboncito. 
251. Beautiful.

The qualifiers are an indicator of trust and complicity between couples. If your relationship is already in a stable stage, using nicknames to communicate will be a way to strengthen your feelings.

Look no further than other sites: the answer to “the best nicknames for my boyfriend” is here. Remember that you can share it on your social networks to help your friends in their search. You can also leave us your ideas in the comment box.

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